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Zinc Alloy & Al alloy precise die-casting, Design & manufacture for Zinc/Aluminum/Magnesium mould, CNC processing, threading, vibrating, sanding blast, painting, anodize, plating and component assembling.           Zn alloy & Al alloy precision die casting、CNC finishing、Vibration、Grinding          & Components assembling
>>Solid example of AL alloy mould >>Solid example of molding tool of zinc metal alloy
>>Solid example of plastics molding tool >>Other Zinc 、Aluminium metal alloy production
>>Automotive Components >>Household Components
>>Motorcycle Components >>Industrial Equipment parts
>>Electronic Equipment Components >>Bicycle parts
>>Magnesium alloy products >>mobile phone shell
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Pricise molding tool of zinc metal alloy5
Pricise molding tool of zinc metal alloy4
Pricise molding tool of zinc metal alloy3
Pricise molding tool of zinc metal alloy2
AL alloy mould D
AL alloy mould C
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