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Zinc Alloy & Al alloy precise die-casting, Design & manufacture for Zinc/Aluminum/Magnesium mould, CNC processing, threading, vibrating, sanding blast, painting, anodize, plating and component assembling.           Zn alloy & Al alloy precision die casting¡¢CNC finishing¡¢Vibration¡¢Grinding          & Components assembling

Zinc Alloy & Al alloy die-casting

Designing & manufacturing for Zinc/Aluminum/Magnesium mould

CNC lathe, all kinds of mill & drill press processing, grinding, manual polishing grinding

Plating processing (chemical nickel, nickel, chrome, gold, bronze, ancient red copper, etc.)
¡ù Accord with ROHS, Brine inspection up to 1000 hours.

All kinds or color painting(liquid, powder), non-chrome processing, nanometer special painting & anodizing processing
¡ù Accord with ROHS, Brine inspection up to 1000 hours.

All kinds of automotive parts, electron ic , industry parts, commodity, etc


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